Buckie CC Junior Section


Terry Curran

Iain McDonald

Eadie Walls

Tom Walls

Mike Baker

Sean McDonald

George Chappell

Tuesday Nights
from 6th May 08

Primary 6.30 - 7.30

From 27th April 08

Secondary 2 - 4


Training within the Junior section has undergone a revision for this year. This has far reaching consequencies for the way in which youth cricket is run in our area, Moray Cricket Assosiation is no longer the next step for our young cricketers, instead a Cricket Academy in Huntly has been set up, which aims to attract the best of our youngsters to them.

Also within our own system we have made some fine tuning changes, for this year, Tuesday nights will focus on Kwik Cricket, headed up by Eadie Walls and George Chappell. The evenings training will start at 6.30pm and only be for an hour, and is aimed at primary four to primary seven.

On a Sunday afternoon, will be the hard ball training. Mainly aimed at those from the Secondary school, and will take place between 2pm and 4pm. It is thought that there will also be matches organised for that age group, which will also take place on a Sunday afternoon, however these will probably be only once a month.

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